Thursday, December 27, 2012

Indian Girls: Don’t teach us what to wear teach your sons not to rape and respect us!

On one hand I hear loud voices shouting for justice for the poor girl who was raped publicly by 6 men couple of weeks back and on the other hand, 2 more cases have been registered during this time. It came to me as a big shock that victims of more than 70 thousand rape cases are still waiting for a decision. 
Since quite a few days I am connected to few people from Australia. They got connected as clients but end up becoming great pals. We often spend quality time together. Every time we sit to chit chat, they have something or the other to talk about their love and respect for India and its people. Not even a single conversation ends without praise for the culture, tradition, values and other richness of the nation. I cannot explain how much proud I used to feel hearing those golden words from them. Anyways, I have always heard about India being praised all around the globe. 

Today, I feel ashamed about being a part of such a nation. What’s more disappointing is that the youth is being suppressed than being supported. I myself witnessed the huge crowd and the acts of suppression by our own countrymen.

I totally agree with the thought that I saw in one of the banners at the protest:
Girl: Don’t teach us what to wear teach your sons not to rape and respect us!

Our society needs to be reformed at least in terms thoughts. Rather than just teaching values, we need to teach respect & honor towards women without whom men can’t even enter the world.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Significance of Social Media Marketing: Content, its Reach or Campaign?

My experience of 4 years in content writing and digital marketing doesn’t give me enough right to start sharing my views on how any company should plan its marketing efforts. I am still new to the industry and have to learn a lot before I start advising. Yet my association with different start-up has given me a confidence to express my views about the use and relevance social media marketing for businesses.

Content has been regarded as king in search engine optimization and content has importance in social media too. But, is it the content only that can work in full scale marketing of a business, at least when it comes to social media? I believe, definitely content drives but its viral-ity in the form of campaign is equally important. Content can be in the form of images, videos, statements, information etc. Different forms of content works in different forms of mediums. For example, images work more on Facebook but less on other mediums. Likewise, one needs to figure out on the use of content but only based on the concept based campaign that can help you to get established in the target market.

Marketing of any business is one the most challenging tasks especially for new entrants. With ample of competition around, it’s not easier to create a mark of their own in the same industry where a giant company already has a prime position. New ways of the marketing and advertising support business in market penetration, lead generation and overall market positioning.

It’s just that you need to plan and decide on how to use the best tools available in social media marketing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Live the moment : Live a Better Life!

While growing up, we are juggling with millions of thoughts in single second. From all, we have to choose a few that helps us to take the right directions and right decisions in life. Once we plan on the same, our life gets better and worth enjoying each day.

Stay positive, live free: Only two perspectives exist: Positive & Negative. It purely depends on you which do you chose to live. Once you plan to streamline your thought process in your desired perspective, your life starts flowing accordingly. So, if you decide to be positive, everything around you will positive and vice versa. The aura of positivity from within plans the environment around you. Stay positive and live freely and everything around you will start happening the way you want them to be.

Live in the Present: We often live in the imaginative world of thoughts from the past and future which generally makes us forget our present. And this is the biggest mistake that we often make. We should never forget that in life, past and future don’t have an existence at all. What lives is the present and we should live with it!

Get surrounded by the people who enjoy: Always try to be in the company of those who too love their life and enjoy each moment to the fullest.

Make yourself happy: With so much of social pressure around, we often suppress our desires to make others happy. A biggest fact of life is that there is no end to expectations. The more you try to satisfy people, the more they expect and still don't care so much about everything you do. You can't ever make everyone happy so, better stop living for others and live to make yourself happy.

We just waste our time by thinking about what didn’t go well around us. We should rather concentrate on how to make our life happy and worth living.

Live each moment!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Break up and Commitment

When it comes to love, you should give your best. But if your love is the most undeserving, then get practical and take off their peace and steal their rest. Being selfish can only help you live happy. No one cares about what you feel than your loved ones. So, simply be with them and enjoy every moment in life. It won’t come back.

Check out few one-liners on break up and commitment:

1. It’s better to stay away from love. It does nothing than just tampering hearts and souls

2. Commitments are not made for men who can’t resist confinements.

3. There are men who are brave and go to the military to fight for the nation. And then there are those who get committed.

4. It was good to be together until we had our own space. Now, that you have poked in big time. It’s time for break up.

5. The GEN Y love Mantra: love is just an outcome of MLL (Mutual Lust & Loneliness)

6. No matter how hard you try, I am not gonna be a slave for your love. I have realized that I too have a life. :P

7. Give your best in relationship till you get more than expected :P

8. Singlehood is more accepted. No time for commitments.

9. Be good to those to be over-good to you.

10. Just because a dumb ass dumped you, you do not need to pity yourself. Get up and start looking 
around. For sure, there will be ample of better options available!

Life is lot more than loving and being loved by someone really special. It’s about being with friends, family and loved ones who really understand your feelings and would never like to let you go. And those who let you go, just understand, and were never meant to be with you ever.

Trust is the biggest factor that counts!

We live in a very practical world where emotions play no major role. And when it comes to love, people become even more stubborn and full of attitude. But one thing that can really bring a difference is trust. Trust is the only factor that counts. If you really trust your partner, nothing can stop you from being together. We often see ample of break ups happening around and only reason behind them is lack of trust and sometimes understanding.

If you trust someone, let them know..Else you would always regret it for a lifetime.
What people do when they lose trust:

  • Blame their partners for something they would never indent to do.
  • Ask them silly questions only for the heck of satisfaction.
  • Can’t resist even their friends’ presence with their partner.
  • Neither enjoy themselves, nor let others enjoy.

If you are really serious about your relation and love your partner truly and don’t want to let them leave you ever, start trusting them at all cost. Don’t ever let them take a leave.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Steps to Un-complicate your life

Love yourself: Don’t go beyond what’s intolerable for you. Being in relationship doesn’t means you will have to keep a knife hanging around your neck. But this is what generally happens. Stop doing what you don’t want to and do whatever makes you happy. That’s the true fun in living.

Learn a lesson from past affairs and get the hell out of the present: One should always learn from the mistakes made in past. Leave it, if it’s too hard to carry and just move ahead. No regrets too please. If things move normally, it’s good, If not then let it be and learn from the experience.

Concentrate on what’s really important: Prioritize in life. Put those things on top, that matters to you and make it work for you. Leave those things aside that makes you sad.

Focus on the results and not mere transactions: Don’t just keep yourself busy but focus on the deliverables. Though keeping yourself busy is the easiest thing one can do but removing complications is possible only if you crave for the results and not on the transactions only.

Become a giver against whatever you receive: Try to do your best against what others do for you.  It’s the thumb rule that works in all situations. Give love and respect if you wish to get it.

Work on your goals: List down what you wish to achieve at the end. Plan your plan accordingly. Invest enough time and space and start achieving your goals level by level.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Why girls are not so independent?

In India, as girls, we are never expected to earn as much for the survival or luxury. Though few of us do work for necessity but that’s only when the family is in big cash crunch else there’s no such motivation for girls to earn.

What do we all need to maintain a good lifestyle?
Great food
A good/big house to live
Car to drive
Along with cash rich pocket to be able to explore different places in the city and the world!

All this is expected to be well maintained by the guys to whom the girls are supposed to get married. And they do so too. Getting a rich & handsome guy is the only expectations of girls of our society so that they can have a stable life forever!

So does this mean, girls should never aim towards earning huge to be able to buy everything on their own? & to live an independent life?
However, this thought has captured a good space in my head in such a way that I can’t just go away of it!

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have always been accompanied by bunch of guys as friends and never had so many girls around. It’s not because am any extra-ordinary attractive girl that all guys wish to have in life. This was only for one reason that my thoughts never matched with girls of typical mind set as for me studying for a degree to be able to marry a rich guy was never a priority ever.

I never studied just for the heck of it.

I implement whatever I learn or vice versa or nothing.

For many girl friends of mine, working whole day was an escape route from the household affairs. But for me, it was to make the day fruitful.

Sometime back, I got connected to few girlfriends. This time, I found them still better than the earlier lot as I could shop with them, hang around in places and work as well. We have been together since more than 6 months now. I started thinking that may be whatever I was thinking earlier was wrong. There are still girls available in our societies who are fond of living the moment like me and following their ambitions, at the same time. But then, one of them decided to prove me wrong. Despite of being at good age, good qualification and good work environment around, she decided not to perform but to take the money from her family to buy another car as her husband and dad can afford it. I tried to make her understand that why you don’t try the other way round this time. Why don’t you do well in you performance and give this as a returning gift to your husband/ dad? So, she came with an answer that what are they working for? As they decided to pay for the car, she thought she had no responsibility towards this matter at all.  As every human being, I look at every situation from 2 perspectives: The Positive & the Negative! Don’t know why but this was really hard for me to resist. Somewhere, I could not take this at all and left this situation without any opinion.

Whom should I blame?
My friend, who’s, totally dependent on her husband/dad and is not conscious about taking a responsibility!

Her parents, who never expected anything from her at right levels while bringing her up?


The society in India, who has never created any such pressure for the girls!


Myself…For Thinking That Ways!