Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Steps to Un-complicate your life

Love yourself: Don’t go beyond what’s intolerable for you. Being in relationship doesn’t means you will have to keep a knife hanging around your neck. But this is what generally happens. Stop doing what you don’t want to and do whatever makes you happy. That’s the true fun in living.

Learn a lesson from past affairs and get the hell out of the present: One should always learn from the mistakes made in past. Leave it, if it’s too hard to carry and just move ahead. No regrets too please. If things move normally, it’s good, If not then let it be and learn from the experience.

Concentrate on what’s really important: Prioritize in life. Put those things on top, that matters to you and make it work for you. Leave those things aside that makes you sad.

Focus on the results and not mere transactions: Don’t just keep yourself busy but focus on the deliverables. Though keeping yourself busy is the easiest thing one can do but removing complications is possible only if you crave for the results and not on the transactions only.

Become a giver against whatever you receive: Try to do your best against what others do for you.  It’s the thumb rule that works in all situations. Give love and respect if you wish to get it.

Work on your goals: List down what you wish to achieve at the end. Plan your plan accordingly. Invest enough time and space and start achieving your goals level by level.


  1. Excellent perspective!!
    The best part being "Stop doing what you don’t want to and do whatever makes you happy." and "if it’s too hard to carry and just move ahead. No regrets too please"
    Most of the times, these days, people are more worried about what others will think of their actions and decisions rather than what they actually want. This leads to most of the unhappiness and thus stress...

  2. Very well written and expressed. Yes, it can be difficult for some people to leave bad situations. Reasons vary, but "learned helplessness" is one of them, along with the better know "poor self image," inadequate parenting, and etc. I would add that friends and support groups, formal or not, are a bonus, if not a requirement. And focusing on the end goal, and the intermediate objectives is mandatory to effect these changes. All in all, a good summary.