Friday, November 2, 2012

Break up and Commitment

When it comes to love, you should give your best. But if your love is the most undeserving, then get practical and take off their peace and steal their rest. Being selfish can only help you live happy. No one cares about what you feel than your loved ones. So, simply be with them and enjoy every moment in life. It won’t come back.

Check out few one-liners on break up and commitment:

1. It’s better to stay away from love. It does nothing than just tampering hearts and souls

2. Commitments are not made for men who can’t resist confinements.

3. There are men who are brave and go to the military to fight for the nation. And then there are those who get committed.

4. It was good to be together until we had our own space. Now, that you have poked in big time. It’s time for break up.

5. The GEN Y love Mantra: love is just an outcome of MLL (Mutual Lust & Loneliness)

6. No matter how hard you try, I am not gonna be a slave for your love. I have realized that I too have a life. :P

7. Give your best in relationship till you get more than expected :P

8. Singlehood is more accepted. No time for commitments.

9. Be good to those to be over-good to you.

10. Just because a dumb ass dumped you, you do not need to pity yourself. Get up and start looking 
around. For sure, there will be ample of better options available!

Life is lot more than loving and being loved by someone really special. It’s about being with friends, family and loved ones who really understand your feelings and would never like to let you go. And those who let you go, just understand, and were never meant to be with you ever.