Thursday, December 27, 2012

Indian Girls: Don’t teach us what to wear teach your sons not to rape and respect us!

On one hand I hear loud voices shouting for justice for the poor girl who was raped publicly by 6 men couple of weeks back and on the other hand, 2 more cases have been registered during this time. It came to me as a big shock that victims of more than 70 thousand rape cases are still waiting for a decision. 
Since quite a few days I am connected to few people from Australia. They got connected as clients but end up becoming great pals. We often spend quality time together. Every time we sit to chit chat, they have something or the other to talk about their love and respect for India and its people. Not even a single conversation ends without praise for the culture, tradition, values and other richness of the nation. I cannot explain how much proud I used to feel hearing those golden words from them. Anyways, I have always heard about India being praised all around the globe. 

Today, I feel ashamed about being a part of such a nation. What’s more disappointing is that the youth is being suppressed than being supported. I myself witnessed the huge crowd and the acts of suppression by our own countrymen.

I totally agree with the thought that I saw in one of the banners at the protest:
Girl: Don’t teach us what to wear teach your sons not to rape and respect us!

Our society needs to be reformed at least in terms thoughts. Rather than just teaching values, we need to teach respect & honor towards women without whom men can’t even enter the world.


  1. Nice post Ashima,
    I totally agree with you.Let such things come out.
    Keep it up...

  2. There's been a tendency to blame the women for everything in our country and the fact that their dressing sense is being blamed for rapes is a gross oversight. Sadly, the way they are objectified and "itemised" in our songs doesn't help matters much, though it'd be unfair to entirely blame it.
    It all should come from within, from our family values, neighbourhood, friend circle, etc. Doing my bit for the cause and hoping it'll all add up and improve things.