Monday, November 25, 2013

What Are We Running For?

I had always been dedicated to my work.

And so, most of the time I was made responsible for any new task that came in our office.

No doubts I handled everything perfectly well.

Until a new person joined claimed that she can do the entire task that I do, in comparatively lesser time.

This was not what I was expecting to happen.

All this made me so irritated that I decided to challenge her and challenge myself. I decided to quicken my speed and do things better than she tried to do.

Each day passing by, my speed improved. Yes, now even I could manage tasks in so much lesser time. I felt satisfied looking at my better and her average performance.

This went on for more than a year and I kept on succeeding over her.

After exactly 1 year, my company hired a new person similar to my profile.

And now he claimed that he can perform better than me.

This was again heights for me. I decided to give it back. And again start my race. But at the end of the day, when I reached back, I thought to myself “what is this that I am doing. Am I that perfect to succeed over
everyone? Can I beat this guy again? Of course I can but definitely I cannot be better than everyone.

Whatever pace I can ever reach in life, there will still be people around doing better than me, owning a better car, a better apartment and a better family.

Didn't I have all that?

Yes, I did.

I was just lacking satisfaction. 

Success is in Satisfaction for what I have, what god has given me. 

I smiled and said to myself, “I am happy for what I have and will always be. This rat race will never end but we might end up living soon. This sense of competition will keep om pushing me to the never ending struggle and would never let me live. I am not going to let that happen”.

The very next day, I went back to office and before we started working, I sat with the young lad and told him about my life and ask him about his. He was shocked yet happy.

Today, we are buddies.

I never told him but told myself that he might be best in everything even I am the best but in my own way and shall always be.

I decide to stay away from the rat race and keep performing for my own satisfaction and not for what people expect from me.

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