Thursday, December 26, 2013

“Follow your Heart”, Do we really do that?

I often hear this statement “Follow your Heart” from many people around. Often mentors, teachers and friends tell us to do this. We can read stories guiding people that they should do things according to what they feel is right.

But do we really do that?

Do we even spend a single day as per our own choice?

We go to school, as we are expected to go to school.

We take up a job, as we are expected to take one.

We marry, as we are expected to marry till some defined age or so.

What do we do with our choice?

AND In case you dare to actually “Follow your Heart”… Be ready to become a laughter element for the society.

This is why no one dares to “Follow their Heart”.

But what if Albert Einstien also decided not to be different? We would have lost a wonderful knowledge guru and would have been refrained by his great theories and philosophies.

And what if Sir Columbus had also decided to stop his craving for traveling? America would not have been discovered too.

These are instances from past when people were courageous enough to “follow their heart”.

It’s quite disappointing but the trust is that these days we do not “Follow our heart”. We are fearful of society and do not have courage to believe ourselves.

We need to understand that we all have a life of our own and we have a right to live it free.

“Follow your Heart” works only once you stick to your belief.

Be courageous enough to be yourself. Live Life on your terms.



  1. Wonderful blog Ashima! But I think there is thin difference between mind and heart. We should always think twice before responding to a certain situation or doing anything. We should think from our mind but we should do it by heart.

  2. Agreed but.. I don't see many people following their heart. They do what society wants them to do.

  3. A very well written and well thought article Ashima. The world is moving fast and all we are ever told is to grow bigger or mark our names or make our parents proud or save for our kids to have a better future or spend more time with relatives else they should feel bad and trust me when i say that i could go on. But in all of this, we forget ourselves. We forget to remember what we really desire and what makes us happy.