Friday, July 25, 2014

"This doesn't happen in India!" That's What People Say!

I was listening to a conversation on radio this morning where an RJ was asking people to tell how many times they have heard their family telling them that “This doesn't happen in India”. Well I could so much relate to the reply from people from all across telling their experiences when they tried doing something out of their wish and they were made to shut their mouth. And when they tried asking for a logical reason, the only answer was “Aisa Nai Chalta India Mein”. I mean like really? Aisa nai chalta!
How many times have you been regarded correct when you say these things to them? At least I have got only one reply and that is “This doesn't happen in India”.

1. “It’s OK even if I get married by 35 or 40. It’s totally normal”: Excuse me, this doesn't happen in India. You parents would end up scolding you on the top of their voice, if they hear you saying this. According to our society, everyone should be married by the time they are 30. That’s the threshold. They say “after 30, you will not get good options or maybe you won’t be able to get married ever”. As if everyone who’s unmarried will die after crossing 30.

2. “Let’s not call Uncle Ajay from Mumbai for this wedding”: A guy explained that he asked his mother to invite only those people for his wedding who are in constant tough and avoid calling few guests from different cities who have been totally out of touch for good long time. He got the same reply “Aisa nai chalta India mein”. Do we have a logical reasoning to it?

3. “I want to remain single for the rest of my life”: You will be hanged to death if you say this. This doesn't happen in India along with showers of scolding will be there for you in case you try to ask them the logic behind it.

4. “I want to go to see my friend in London”: Again this doesn’t happen in India. Can anyone explain by what logic? Can’t we go to meet our friends?

5. “I want to go clubbing this weekend”: “India me ye bhi nai chalta”. This is again one of the biggest crimes if your parents get to know that you are planning to go for clubbing this weekend and not to stay at your friends place. In the whole scolding, you will be told ample of times that this doesn't works in India. Can anyone explain why having fun in India is a big crime?

6. “I will wear shots tomorrow at college”: I am sure many girls would have heard their parents telling them not to try wearing shots outside your home. We live in a country, where the police and politicians too say that girls invite guys by wearing short clothes. What else we can expect from our parents when they know it’s not safe at all outside. I don’t blame parents totally on that.

7. “Let me go a pick those stones lying in the middle of the road. This can be accidental for someone”: The most common reply that one of your family members might say “You alone won’t be able to change the society you don’t need to do any such things. This doesn't happen in India”.

8. “Throw trash in the bin”: This is what you hear them saying "Oh common, who does that now? Nothing's gonna change if you do this too. This doesn't happen in India".

9.      Girl: "I want to study more and don't want to marry at least till I am 32" : A common reply to this statement would be "This doesn't happen in India. Girls should be married by 25. That's the perfect age. Anyways, Why do you need to study? Your husband will earn for you. You should learn cooking and household jobs.". Again, can anyone give a logic? Why can't girls plan their career and live the way they want to?

These are just a very few statements that will help you get the reply “This doesn't happen in India”. This is a never ending list as our countrymen follow so many rules with no or meaningless logic just to tell you that you are not allowed to do what you want but should follow what others say, despite they have a logical reasoning to it or not!

Do you realize that by accepting this statement we too are becoming a part of those meaningless logic. Many times we stop ourselves from lot of good habits too since people around tell us that we don't need to do that.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why Finex Media Services?

No doubts, there are ample of players in website designing, content writing and social media marketing. Still I decided to get in to the same league.

Everyone asked me Why?

And my answer remained same, that despite of being in the same industry, when I decided to launch my own eCommerce portal I could not find the right company to support me and represent my portfolio in the expected way. I would not say that is simply awesome in looks and features yet its lot better than the output that I had been delivered.  I would not say that there aren't companies doing well in this area. Definitely, they are there but the huge amount that they charge is simply too much for any individual or a start up. Not just that, there is no such communication constantly being kept from the company’s side with the client. No communication means work stopped!

Finex Media was launched with the vision to remove the gap of communication between the client and the company. We take the charge of following up with the client so that the client doesn't have to get into the hassles of giving set of instructions to us again and again.

We have designed packages for better convenience where you decide the price and the areas to be served. I intend to cut the gap of communication and ensure the deliverable to reach our clients on time, as expected, so they can reach out to their customers at ease. We also take care of the online marketing areas, helping our clients in reaching out to theirs in an effective way.

What is Finex Media Services?

Finex Media Services is one stop shop for any individuals, start ups and established organization that are looking launch or expand their business portfolios online. It deals in services like website designing, development, content writing, search engine optimization and social media marketing majorly.