Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Why Finex Media Services?

No doubts, there are ample of players in website designing, content writing and social media marketing. Still I decided to get in to the same league.

Everyone asked me Why?

And my answer remained same, that despite of being in the same industry, when I decided to launch my own eCommerce portal I could not find the right company to support me and represent my portfolio in the expected way. I would not say that is simply awesome in looks and features yet its lot better than the output that I had been delivered.  I would not say that there aren't companies doing well in this area. Definitely, they are there but the huge amount that they charge is simply too much for any individual or a start up. Not just that, there is no such communication constantly being kept from the company’s side with the client. No communication means work stopped!

Finex Media was launched with the vision to remove the gap of communication between the client and the company. We take the charge of following up with the client so that the client doesn't have to get into the hassles of giving set of instructions to us again and again.

We have designed packages for better convenience where you decide the price and the areas to be served. I intend to cut the gap of communication and ensure the deliverable to reach our clients on time, as expected, so they can reach out to their customers at ease. We also take care of the online marketing areas, helping our clients in reaching out to theirs in an effective way.

What is Finex Media Services?

Finex Media Services is one stop shop for any individuals, start ups and established organization that are looking launch or expand their business portfolios online. It deals in services like website designing, development, content writing, search engine optimization and social media marketing majorly.